Welcome to Tankoa Yachts Shipyard

Born from a passion for the sea, Tankoa Yachts embodies the concept of “thinking big”. Our infrastructures and expertise are focused on extraordinary semi-custom and custom constructions 45-meter and up. Our vision; delivering first class yachts, one-off or small series, which natural extension resides in unseen before after-sale services. We assembled an absolute dream team of experts composed of some of the world’s most respected professionals from the construction floor up to the engineering and technical office and top managers.

No wonder why the market sees us as a true “boutique shipyard”. Every single client is owed a personal, one-to-one, approach which consists first in listening to him and understanding his expectations, way of living and enjoying the sea. At Tankoa, we simply partner with each yacht owner in turning their Dreams into reality - charting new routes to incredible destinations.

Here, traditions and latest technologies, design and efficiency live together to give birth to splendid yachts which reflect their owners’ unique identities and way of living the sea. And despite our very structured and organized processes, superior quality, superb engineering and second-to-none technical specifications, we always manage to keep a high level of flexibility.

  • Our Head office

    An avant-garde five-story multi-service office building houses executive management, administration, after-sale, technical and commercial office personnels. Our organisation complies with ISO normative and respond to a strict written code of ethics which is felt the second you walk in our spotless premises. A full office floor is devoted to the technical office.

    Despite highly sophisticated computer assisted design softwares and precision of any project we work on, the most powerful tools remain our heart and soul which can clearly be felt at every stage of a project until after the launch.

  • Avant-Garde Sheds

    Our 90-meter long, 18-meter heigh concrete sheds, climate and hygrometry. controlled are the insurance your yacht is being build in the best possible environment to guarantee optimum labor conditions, of which quality is a direct result. 

    Our approach of construction being clinical, most metal work is being executed in our other metal cutting and welding facility where hulls and superstructures works are undertaken before the metal body of each yacht is transported to our state-of-the-art Genova completion facilities.

  • Water front facilities

    With over 11.000 square meters of water surface, our dock, 250-meter long by 20-meter wide allows for berthing and manoeuvre large vessels well in excess of 90-meter. An additional 15.000 square meters have recently been added for extra berthing and will allow for future developments such as a 120 meter long shed. 

    With direct launching equipment, these extensive docks allow us the needed flexibility for efficient and quick after-sale service operations as well as for refits of our Tankoa delivered vessels or any other yachts in need of technical expertise and support.

  • KarSal Dry-Dock

    Our submersible 4,000 tons capacity dry-dock, christened “KarSal” is an essential addition to our extensive equipment. Designed to haul out and launch yachts measuring up to 100-meter and fitted with state-of-the-art equipment, this floating dry-dock allows us to assist owners in assessing or upgrading their yacht, and provides unique flexibility in our quest for first-class after sales service operations. No need to say the dry-dock allows us the needed flexibility to launch our finished yachts without the need for external interventions.


Ideal Shipyard location

Located in Genoa Sestri Ponente, the Tankoa Yachts shipyard and headquarters are not only positioned in the center of the Med, it is also in the heart of a city with a millennial tradition of ship building. A seafarers town offering a unique context and priceless added values. 

Tankoa Yachts is right in front of the Genoa International airport runaway allowing for easy visits, one hour and fifteen minutes drive from Milan, one hour and thirty minutes from Monte-Carlo and two hours from Nice International airport.