TANKOA S801 Vespucci

You are the world’s most beautiful ship!

In 1962 a radio exchange was reported in the Mediterranean between USS Independence aircraft carrier and the Amerigo Vespucci, Italian sailing ship: USS Independence: “Identify yourself

Amerigo Vespucci, Italian sailing ship: “School ship Amerigo Vespucci, Italian Navy

USS Independence: “You are the world’s most beautiful ship



Beautiful, outstanding, unique. Tankoa S801 is our tribute to the fascination only a timeless masterpiece can generate. The concept was inspired by the Amerigo Vespucci, the Italian Navy 80-meter sailing ship launched in 1931. An inspiration that fed our desire to explore new avenue in our search for luxury. 

Her wide body and harmoniously balanced decks allow to maximize enjoyment of both interior and exterior. Tankoa S801 invites you to experience a unique symbiosis with the environment.

Like sails in the wind, all decks seem to be floating, suspended between the sea and the sky.

Main Technical Specs

Length overall 80 mt (262,40 ft))
Beam 13,50 mt (44,29 ft)
Draft full loaded 3,60 mt (11,81 ft)
GRT 2.600 tons (approx.)
Displacement Max 1.850 tons
Classification Lloyds + MCA
Hull and superstructure in light alloy 5083

General Arrangement